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For accurate residential and commercial appraisals in the Cuyahoga County, Summit County, and Portage County, contact Dudas & Associates, Inc. 

Use our site, call us at 330-656-9711, or email us to see why we're your local valuation experts.

Whether it's an older home or the most modern new construction, our experience and education as Certified appraisers make us qualified to provide residential and commerical valuations in Cuyahoga County, Summit County, and Portage County for clients ranging from national mortgage companies to commercial banks or individual businesses and consumers.

Our expertise is available for:
 Contact Dudas & Associates, Inc for your Summit appraisal needs.

• Primary and secondary mortgages

• Lowering your mortgage payment by removing PMI

• Valuations for bankruptcy, divorce and other court purposes

• Employee Relocation

• Challenging your home's assessed value

• Trust and Estate planning

Technology plays a prominent part in how Dudas & Associates, Inc does business. It helps keep costs competitive while maintaining high quality and service levels. And first and foremost, we are mindful of the importance of personalized customer service. Additionally, we treat our customers like we'd want to be treated ourselves whether we're in person, having a phone conversation or sending e-mail. The end result is simply a superior experience for our clients. Call us today, and let us prove to you why we're different.